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Hey there! I'm Shana (Rotter) Koppel, a Bezalel graduate designer and illustrator. My family made Aliyah to Israel when I was 12, and ever since I find myself between worlds - US and Israel, Hebrew and English, illustration and design, Jewish tradition and modern values. I know I connect most to my work when it gets to  reflect that middle ground, and I hope you do too.

Often I get asked how 
I went from illustrator
to font designer.

While working on my final project at Bezalel, I wanted to use fonts that would fit the project perfectly - dynamic and fun, traditional with a modern twist, and that would mesh seamlessly with my illustrations. But that was hard to find.

So I illustrated the text myself.


Working as a designer, I worked a lot on event invitations, and many times for an English and Hebrew speaking crowd. I wanted to design with fun fonts in Hebrew that would match the fun version of the design I'd made in English. But I just couldn't find fonts that translated the style I wanted into Hebrew.

So I did the lettering myself.

ON BIGGER DESIGN AND ILLUSTRATION PROJECTS as a freelancer, I still wanted to incorporate illustrated LETTEring into projects, something that would BRING TOGETHER my illustrations WITH the more technical SIDE OF design. but it would add a lot of work time, and I realized it would be much easier to use an illustrated font. but I couldn't find what I was looking for.

So I designed fonts for myself - and for you  🖤

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