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What is a font "style"?

You know how when you're working with a font, you can choose "bold" or "thin" or Italic"? Each of those options is a font style. Every Font style will come as a separate OTF file to be installed, and will be called the name of the font plus the style name. For example, Dishmish Bold or Dishmish Regular. Together, those two styles make up the font Dishmish.

So what's a font?

Technically speaking, a font is one set of letters. This means, according to the official terminology - one font is actually one style. On, when you see the word "Font" we're referring to what often is called a "font family." This Includes all the styles that currently exist for that font.

Do I get all the font styles when I buy? 

Exactly - when you purchase a "font" from fontsim, you get all the styles that currently exist for that font (or, family).

Ok, so what's a font bundle?

We offer  font bundles, which include a built in 15% discount off the price of individual fonts. The bundles are made up of fonts that fit ttogether in various categories. For example, fonts that would work well for vinyl cutting (for working with foonts on cricut or silhouette devices), or decorative hebrew fonts that would work well for invitation design. 

At the moment, these bundles are set and cannot be customized.

And what is a font pair?


Excellent question! font pairs are the next new exciting thing that will be released on, very soon! Font pairs are made up of two fonts that were truly made to be together. These font pairs take the hard work out of finding two fonts to pair for design work; they're designed to work together and complement each other beautifully.

like the larger font bundles, there is a built in discount when purchasing font pairs as well.

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