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On, the licenses available are all a combination desktop and web license (For web, one license grants permission to embed that font on one website. Using a font for live text on more than one website means you must purchase more than one license.) 

After you place your order, you'll receive an email with your receipt and download link for a ZIP foler. The foldeer contains the font file and a PDF of the font license. Your receipt and PDF license together constitute the user agreement, and this agreement allows you to use the font to create designs and products for yourself or for a client or customer.  ​There are a few basic concepts the license contains:

  • This license is perpetual, for a one-time fee - no need to pay again.​

  • The font may not be embedded in shared files - for example, in a pdf, the file should be set to Read-Only.​

  • The license is yours alone. The license or font file may not be transferred to anyone else in any form or under any circumstances, except in the specific cases defined in the license.

  • A single license purchased on behalf of a design studio with several employees grants usage rights for up to 5 employees in the same physical location.


So what's in a font license?

העברה פיזית


YOU MAY: embed the font as live text on only one website per purchased license. 

YOU MAY: upload flattened designs using the font to any number of websites, as this is not considered web use.

YOU MAY NOT: embed the font on multiple websites without first purchasing the corresponding number of licenses.

YOU MAY NOT: upload the font to a website which allows site users to edit the text, without a specialized server license. Contact Us in regards to a customized license.


Need the font files in .woff format? 
Send a quick email after you order and we'll send web files over ASAP.



YOU MAY: install the font on a maximum of 5 computers belonging to employees of a single design studio or company in the same physical space.

YOU MAY NOT: transfer the font files to a third party in any format, physical or digital. (What does that mean?)

YOU MAY NOT: install the font on a public computer which is accessible to multiple people.



YOU MAY: use the fonts to create and sell products using vinyl cutting machines such as Cricut or Silhouette.

YOU MAY: use the fonts to design products or prInts that are then sold to customers.

YOU MAY NOT: design and sell products such as a stencil or set of alphabet stickers, through which your customer can then spell words using the font. This is an example transferring the font to a third party in physical form.



YOU MAY: use the fonts to design for social media. 

YOU MAY NOT: use the fonts to design GIFs or stickersthat are uploaded to and Instagram, without express written permission.



Our fonts are updated from time to time. Updates such as general improvements will usually be sent to anyone who has purchased the font in the past. If the update is a significant upgrade, such as adding styles, the upgrade will be available for an additional cost. See this blog post for a list of previous updates and eligibility for new upgrades.

This is a short explanatory summary of the font license. The terms of our licenses may change. The conditions as written in the user agreement you have received after purchase are the ones that apply.

And of course, feel free to contact me with any questions regarding Font licensing, before or after purchase.

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